Engineering - as a complete package

Whether simple details and sketches are required or highly complex 3D planning is required - we are best equipped to meet these requirements.
Our specialists for 3D heat simulation calculate optimized superstructures including all thermal bridges.

Design assist
- Rendering service
- 3D-modelling of concept ideas
- Feasibility studies 
- Concept details 
- Structural calculations 
- U-Value calculations
- STC-Value calculations

Case studies
- Study of technical realisation possibilities

Value engineering
- Feasibility studies
- Economical optimization of designs, maintaining design intents

BIM support
- BIM support up to LOD 350
- Through software + know how, we can integrate ourselves into a defined BIM process to exploit and provide corresponding data

Structural & building physics calculations
Calculations based on 

  • DIN & EN Norms / Codes

  • ASTM Norms 

3D-measurement + planning
- On-site measurements
- In-house data-analyses
- 3D-modelling based on as-built conditions
- 3D-planning of details and build-ups

Workshop planning
- Workshop fabrication drawings
- BOQ for requested products
- Datasheets for requested products
- Production data preparation

Installations planning 
- Installation concept
- Detailing
- Execution drawings

Method statements
Preparation of project related erection method statements for installation and handling


2D & 3D planning